Signifyin' Blues is a 3-day music and dance event benefitting the California Jazz & Blues Museum. 


"Signify" is a historic term associated with blues music: In signifyin', speakers spontaneously compose rhythmic and rhyming phrases with heavy use of innuendo and doubletalk. This coded language allows the speaker to express bold ideas, opinions, beliefs, or feelings without repercussions.

You can learn about "signifyin" and a whole host of other blues-related topics during our interactive talks happening throughout the event weekend.

Why it's happening

Signifyin’ Blues honors the origins of Blues and highlights the deep impact it has had and continues to have on us as individuals and as a culture.  Blues fundamentally changed modern music, inspiring generations with its full range of emotion and vivid storytelling. It embodies the heart and soul of the human condition and speaks to us as an expression of life. By connecting lovers of Blues music with musicians who have spent their lives immersed in it, we strive to offer a space to learn about and celebrate the living culture of Blues.

Signifyin' Blues is a benefit event for Barbara Morrison’s foundation, The California Jazz & Blues Museum, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The museum's mission is to educate audiences of all ages about the influence California, its artists and geographical venues have had in the worldwide genre of jazz and blues. They deliver audiences an annual calendar of innovative and inspiring exhibitions, programs, and events.  

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Where it's happening

Los Angeles TBD

While you are here, be sure to enjoy our beaches, CA sunshine, Amoeba Music, Disney, Hollywood studio tours, road rage, Channel Islands, Angeles Forest, Universal City, the CA Jazz & Blues Museum located in the culturally rich area of Leimert Park and don't forget about even more CA Sunshine. 

Who's making it happen

Jeremy Carberry is an audio engineer who works in music. He loves to dance, DJ, teach and learn about blues.

Barbara Morrison  Legendary Jazz and Blues singer, 3x Grammy nominee.   

Erica Brown is an incredible blues singer from Denver, CO.  She will be our emcee and general good energy. 

Respect is not optional

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness and at Signifyin’ Blues it is mandatory.  Signifyin’ staff and the Renaissance Hotel reserve the right to refuse access to anyone for anything they see as harmful or disrespectful.

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Los Angeles youth play music at The California Jazz & Blues Museum


Questions, comments, or bad jokes can be sent to SignifyinBlues@gmail.com

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