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2020 Quarantine Edition (Thank you everyone who participated!)

1. Blues Dance (Solo or Partnered or very small group) to "Trouble No More" Muddy Waters (studio or live version)

2. Your dance can be Improvised or Choreographed or anything in-between.

3. Prizes include:
Third: Evenings Only Pass to Signifyin' Blues Festival 
Second: Muddy Waters Tribute Banquet Dinner (2020 or 2021...stay tuned)
First: Full Weekend Pass to Signifyin' Blues Festival (if you place solo = one prize, partnered = 2 prizes.  3 or more = 3 max prizes). Signifyin’ staff may participate but can’t win.

4. Judging Criteria is below.

5. Deadline for submissions is May 4th, 11:59pm PCT.

6. Submit your video by making your post public and tagging Signifyin' Blues on facebook or instagram and #OnlineBluesDanceComp (if posting on facebook, because of copyright issues, you might have to upload to youtube or vimeo and link to the video on facebook. Make sure the post is public so we can see it)

Good luck, have fun, and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

7. If you don't want to dance, lip sync! 

8. Please use the best camera you have and get good lighting (aka daylight) because we will be editing this together into a Signifyin' Blues Family collaborative video! 




    • Blues Aesthetic

      • Are you dancing blues? We’re looking for:

        • Groundedness

        • Pulse

        • Athletic posture

        • Cool

        • Ephebism

        • Lag

    • Musicality

      • Are you relating to the music? This is a music focused event. We want to see you embodying how the                music moves you within the blues aesthetic. This may include:

        • Polyrhythmic and polycentric movements and play

        • Response to phrases and melodic line

        • How your body and movement quality shifts in response to different songs

        • Call and response

    • Partnership

      • Are you dancing with your partner? We’re looking for:

        • Sharing movement and musical expression

        • Collaboration and cohesion

        • Are you leading or following clearly?

    • Technique and Movement Quality

      • How do you use your body? We’re looking for:

        • Ease of movement

        • Integrated and grounded movement

        • Difficulty of movement elements

    • Performance and Creativity

      • Do we want to watch you? We’re looking for:

        • Engagement with your partner and the audience

        • Moments that are created that wow us






INVITATIONAL mix & match

An exciting exhibition dance with a unique Signifyin’ twist. Eight pre-selected dancers will be paired off randomly, and the four couples will duel in a double elimination format to live music.  The twist?

The competition will be judged by the event’s very own musicians! With decades of blues music experience among them, the judges will hold no punches. Only the competitors who can prove they can connect to the music will be left standing! 

get down Open mix & match 

This is a social dance competition that’s open to all who aren’t in the invitational showdown. Get ready to throw it all on the floor to live music for this competition!


After a weekend of jam packed learning, we can’t wait to see what you’ve learned! Dancers with a year or less of experience are given their chance to shine for this competition! Finalists will be randomly paired with a professional to dancer to ensure your best foot forward. 

In Person