Our DJ's will be keeping you dancing every night

anna washenko SJkostusyk photo.jpg

Anna washenko

Anna is a top notch blues dance DJ that will be putting together all of the music for our dance contest prelims. 

Photo by SJKostusyk


Kenneth shipp

Kenneth has been spinning tunes for well over a decade, creating breakdance mixes from his dad's vinyl collection to DJing hip hop / break competitions in college. After falling in love with blues in 2014, he’s spent the past few years learning and diving into the wide variety of blues styles and history. Kenneth aims to get you grooving and moving every time you step out onto the dance floor. He loves playing with your faves while also showcasing the soul/blues legends from his hometown of Nashville and his new home of St. Louis.

Jeramy Garner

When not acting equal parts Macgyver and Martha Stewart, cooking, creating, and saving the day with whatever's nearby, Austin, Texas native, Jeramy (or Remy) is listening to blues music 40 hours a week. With an audio arsenal of deep tracks in every sub-genre and an ever-growing collection of CDs from working musicians, they strive to make sure dancers get just what they never knew they needed. 


grey armstrong

For as long as he can remember, Grey has been obsessed with music. He loves digging into obscure genres, find ways to appreciate them and share those with others. Not long into his dance career, Grey became excited about Djing because it was a way for him to directly influence the feel of an event. It’s a way to explore new music, moods and his love of blues. He can’t wait to share that with you and hopefully, make you fall in love with music and dance all over again.


Started DJing blues at some of the late night house parties in Pittsburgh while attending CMU then moved onto events like End of the Month Blues and Saturday Late Night Blues.  She has since become a regular at blues events in both LA and beyond. She loves both classical and contemporary blues music. Whitton has spun in cities all over the US, Europe and beyond.