help make it happen !

Do you want to support the 501(c)3 non-profit, California Jazz & Blues Museum through this event? Do you want to provide access to blues history and culture? There are many customizable opportunities for your brand to receive great exposure before, during and after Signifyin’ Blues.

Before the event 

The Signifyin’ Blues event poster and website will feature your logo prominently. Everyone who sees the posters will connect your brand with an awesome festival, amazing bands and, a great cause. Your brand/product can be featured in promotional social media videos linking you to Signifyin' Blues . Press-releases, live-event-announcements, and radio promotions can all include mention of your organization.


At the event 

Your banner will be at the event, with options for placement on the main stage.  The “photo-op” fence (step & repeat) will feature your logo and will be located at the entrance, as soon as everyone arrives. Your name and logo will be included in the event program online and in print.  Merchandise or samples from your company can be offered for purchase or distribution with or without a booth.


AFTER the event  

Signifyin’ is guaranteed to live on through attendees’ memories, photos, videos, etc… 
All attendees will be asked to pose in front of the “photo-op” fence with your logo and then have their photos posted on social media. Each musical and dance performance will be professionally filmed and posted on youtube and social media with a message of “Brought to You By [your company name]”.

Please reach out to to discuss how you can partner with Signifyin' Blues and help preserve California's living music history.